“This is a critical time in Niagara-on-the-Lake and we are at a tipping point. As issues become more complex, it is important that we balance the uniqueness of our Town with our current challenges. These challenges require strong leadership. I hear and understand you. I am READY TO LEAD.”

– Betty Disero



• by encouraging more involvement from citizens in all neighbourhoods to share their individual and collective needs and preferences      

• by providing strong leadership for members of the Town Council so that they may serve with integrity and transparency, including listening to the concerns of citizens and attending more Town events

• by improving the customer service commitment, responsiveness, and accountability of all staff at Town Hall, including a consistent application of policies and procedures



• by balancing our Town’s uniqueness with only wise and compatible development

• by preserving and supporting our rural character, agricultural industry, and natural landscapes

• by encouraging the unique, caring and “humanistic” character of the town established over many years of developing strong personal connections throughout the town

• by protecting the historical and cultural heritage that is so important to our town



• by prioritizing wise spending within a fiscally sound and accountable budget

• by leading the completion of the Official Plan (focused on the long term vision for NOTL) and a new 2018-2022 strategic plan (Four Year Action Plan)

• by developing a stronger focus on diverse economic opportunities, including tourism, entrepreneurship and the creative economy